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Top Causes of Recurring Drain Clogs

by Jan 19, 2024Plumbing Tips0 comments

Clogged drain

Few things can disrupt the flow of daily life quite like a perpetually clogged drain. If you find yourself in a constant battle against stubborn blockages, it’s time to uncover the root causes and arm yourself with knowledge. As the authority on drain cleaning in Farmington Valley, CT, we’ve certainly cleared our fair share of clogged drains–and the best way to prevent them is by knowing what causes them in the first place.

Let’s explore the top culprits behind those recurring clogs that just won’t quit.

Hair Accumulation

One of the primary clogged drain culprits is hair. As hair accumulates over time, it forms stubborn clogs that resist conventional unclogging methods. Regularly cleaning out hair from drains can help prevent these persistent obstructions.

Grease and Soap Scum Buildup

Grease and soap scum are stealthy villains in the drain clog drama. Over time, they accumulate and solidify, creating a slippery slope for clogs. Using drain guards and being mindful of what goes down the drain can mitigate this issue. Otherwise, you will need methods such as drain snaking to dislodge buildup.

Foreign Object Intrusion

From children’s toys to misplaced items, foreign objects have a way of inadvertently finding their way into drains. These objects create blockages that resist standard plunging and require professional snaking or hydro jetting. Keeping an eye out for misplaced items can prevent this common cause of recurring clogs.

Old Plumbing

As plumbing systems age, pipes may develop cracks, rust, or corrosion, leading to a higher likelihood of clogs. Regular inspections from a reputable drain cleaning company and proactive maintenance can help address aging plumbing issues before they result in persistent blockages.

Mineral and Hard Water Deposits

In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can accumulate within pipes, narrowing the passageway and causing recurrent clogs. Water softeners and periodic drain cleaning services can help combat the effects of hard water.

Understanding the causes of recurring drain clogs empowers homeowners to take proactive measures in preventing and addressing these nuisances. Whether it’s regular hair removal, mindful disposal of grease, or addressing aging plumbing, a little awareness goes a long way in maintaining free-flowing drains.

For professional drain cleaning and plumbing services to curb recurring clogs, turn to the experts at Farmington Valley Plumbing. Our team is ready to restore your drains to their optimal state. Talk to us today for reliable solutions and a clog-free plumbing experience!

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