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Sewer Camera Inspection

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Benefit from an In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in West Hartford, CT, and Nearby Areas

At Farmington Valley Plumbing, we no longer use the guess-and-check method when it comes to plumbing repair. We provide accurate sewer camera inspection in West Hartford, CT, and nearby areas, which allows our team to thoroughly assess and accurately diagnose plumbing problems instead of hypothesizing what could be wrong. A thorough sewer camera inspection reveals corrosion, leaks, clogs, pipe bellies, tree root invasion, and more. It tells us where repairs need to be made and what should be done.

Importance of Sewer Inspections

Reliable video drain inspection

A video drain or sewer inspection camera is a type of borescope used to inspect sewer systems and pipelines. This device features a high-resolution camera mounted to an insertion tube or a flexible rod, allowing us to insert the inspection system into hard-to-reach spaces. It can also be used to locate plumbing lines up to 15 feet underground.

Quality sewer camera inspectionThe good news about the use of a camera is that you do not have to dig up your yard to get to the root of the problem or pay for expensive and time-consuming excavation to locate your utility lines.

The mobility and image-capture abilities of a video inspection camera enable a thorough inspection, even when examining isolated areas. This could include pipes behind walls, pipes encased in concrete or plumbing systems beneath home foundations. Plumbing jobs may also call for sewer inspections, meaning we may need to examine underground sewer lines. Employing a video inspection camera means we can pinpoint the problem area without excavating plumbing and sewer systems, avoiding costly and labor-intensive inspections.

With a sewer line camera, you can spot specific types of sewer problems. A sewer camera helps a plumber see a blockage or backup inside the pipes, for example. Paper, grease, and other items can block your line. If you flush the wrong item down the toilet, you could find it blocks your line weeks and months later.

Sewer cameras are also great for spotting tree roots, which have different remedies than other types of blockages. Tree roots are common culprits when you have plumbing issues. When tree roots search for water, they can break through porous pipes and create cracks. Removal of the tree and replacement of the pipes may remedy this problem.

Some problems are much more subtle, and it may take careful camera investigation to spot the instigators of major problems. Many objects cause your pipes to break, crack, and collapse. Sometimes the ground simply shifts, which causes pipe damage. The information from your plumber’s camera helps them determine exactly where the fix needs to occur.

You might also opt for a sewer line camera investigation if you want to buy a house and your real estate agent suggests you have a plumber assess the plumbing of your potential new home.

Finally, camera investigations offer insight into recent utility projects. Human error can damage your pipes, so somebody who worked on your pipes through the utility company may have inadvertently caused some damage to your plumbing. With a sewer line camera inspection, you may be able to use the footage to negotiate with your utility company about the repairs you face.

Signs You Need Sewer Inspections

We recommend getting a pipe camera inspection if you’re experiencing:


Frequent drain clogs


Cracked or damaged sewer lines


Mold growth


Foul odors


Sewer backups


Pest infestation


High water bills

We also recommend getting a plumbing inspection if you’re buying or selling a home. This will offer potential buyers great peace of mind or help you identify pre-existing problems before you make the final decision.

FAQs About Sewer Video Inspections

How Long Does a Drain Inspection Take?

A video drain inspection varies greatly depending on several factors, including the size of your property, the length of your sewer line, and the severity of the damage. Generally, the process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Can the Camera Inspection Equipment Damage My Pipes?

No. Our sewer and utility location equipment cannot damage your pipes. The camera is built to be gentle on your pipes and features wheels and light that help it move through your pipes without causing any damage.

How Often Should I Schedule A Sewer Camera Inspection?

We recommend scheduling a sewer camera inspection with our plumbing company at least once every year to identify and address looming issues before they become major repairs.

Why Hire Our Sewer Camera Inspection Experts?

Join our list of satisfied customers, and you’ll be glad you worked with our plumber in West Hartford, CT, and nearby areas thanks to our:

Great customer service

Superior workmanship

30-day workmanship guarantee

Upfront pricing

Flexible scheduling

Licensed and insured team

For high-quality, affordable, and thorough sewer camera inspection services in Hartford, CT and nearby areas, search no further than the licensed, insured, and bonded professionals at Farmington Valley Plumbing. Call (860) 924-4770 or contact us online to book your appointment.

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