Easy Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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Maintaining your plumbing system helps prevent awful problems like backups and burst pipes. For these plumbing issues, you need a plumber in Hartford County, CT to avoid them from getting worse.

Farmington Valley Plumbing is your dependable local plumbing company. We can inspect, repair, and install pipes and plumbing fixtures. Keep the following tips in mind.

Schedule Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Keep your residential or commercial plumbing system in good condition. Schedule an annual maintenance. We will check your water pressure to ensure your pipes aren’t leaking or experiencing a heat buildup. Both of these problems can cause more damage to the pipes when they go undetected.

We also inspect the water shut-off valves on your property. Corrosion or a lack of sufficient lubricant can make the valve stick. This will cause issues in an emergency plumbing situation when you need to turn off the water. We recommend commercial buildings also have an annual inspection.

Take Care of Your Drains and Garbage Disposal

Never dump grease down your drains or toilet because it congeals inside the pipes. Mistreatment of the drains is a common cause behind extensive plumbing repairs.

You should check the list of foods you can’t put in the garbage disposal as well. Avoid putting bones, pits, fibrous fruits, uncooked rice and pasta, eggshells, and coffee grounds in the garbage disposal.

Use Soft Water

The water from your faucets is either soft or hard. Minerals in hard water shorten the lifespan of your pipes. If your water is hard, then you can install a water softener to remove the minerals.

Turn Off the Exterior Water Sources

You don’t need to use your exterior water faucets or hose during winter. You can protect these fixtures by cutting the water supply to them for the season. Allow the water to empty the line so that it can’t freeze on frigid nights.

Take care of your plumbing. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for fixtures, and schedule an annual maintenance call. For commercial or residential plumbing, Farmington Valley Plumbing can help. We have the necessary skills to detect leaks and other problems in the early stages. Give us a call today for an appointment!

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