Can You Still Restore Drains In An Old House?

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If you live in a home built before the 1970’s you will want to have the plumbing inspected. You may already need proper drain cleaning in Farmington Valley, CT.

Oftentimes the home inspector will have a keen eye on all things electrical. But they’ll not pay as much attention to the plumbing. You can still restore old house plumbing through drain cleaning services or repairs.

How Do You Know That Your Drains and Plumbing Are Old?

Houses built before 1975 will sometimes have cast iron pipes. Those before 1960 will use galvanized steel. Both can last up to 30 to 40 years. Homeowners renovate every twenty or so years so there is a good chance that the piping is not the original.

Watch For These Warning Signs

Your water may be coming out discolored, this is a definite indicator of old, corroded pipes. Your water pressure may also be very low, resulting in slow drains. You need pipe cleaning for the mineral deposits or clogs inside. You’ll need to have it checked to see what is causing the clogged drain.

Before you put any harsh chemical cleaners, consider drain cleaning. Chemicals can destroy your pipes and cause further issues.

How Will They Service Old Drains?

You may need hydro jetting to remove mineral buildups or hardened clogging. It is the safer alternative for drain cleaning without damaging older pipes.

Once you call your plumber in to identify the problem, they can decide on other drain cleaning methods. Drain snaking is also another way to clear clogs that have hardened over time.

What To Do If Plumbing Needs To Be Replaced

When plumbing is very old, it may already need replacement. It will cost you more to get constant service and upkeep. Your drain cleaning company will check if you need to replace or repair the drain pipes.

There are some inevitable situations to consider when you have older plumbing. But most drain cleaning services can restore them. Don’t worry, Farmington Valley Plumbing has a suite of plumbing services to help you. Call us today and get those old pipes working again.

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