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Farmington Valley Plumbing is built around delivering exceptional customer service, paired with a product that lasts. Our philosophy behind each customer’s needs is to pay attention to the small things that make a big difference. No matter how big or small your job is, there are no cutting corners, no sloppy installs, no quick cover-ups.

Always taking that extra step, Farmington Valley Plumbing will make sure you are fully satisfied with the outcome of your investment before walking away. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

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Michael Chant
May 19, 2023

I recently used this company to replace a 100 year old cast iron drainage line with pvc in my rental property. Brian was responsive and answered all of my questions so that I could make an informed decision. They did a great job and treated me fairly. Walls were closed up afterwards and will look as good as new once I repaint.

Chris Glista
April 28, 2023

To all the folks that complained about the price, what you paid Farmington Valley Plumbing is in line what most plumbers charge. What most people don't realize is how expensive it is to run a business in CT. Most businesses pay close to 50% in taxes. I know this because my brother owns his own small business. Besides having to pay the plumbers, there's a truck, gas, insurance, equipment and tools, rent, utilities, health insurance, liability insurance, administrative costs and more.

Anissa Flanigan
April 6, 2023

We have needed various plumbing jobs done in the last few years (new boiler, new water pressure tank, new hot water heater, 2 new high profile toilets). Farmington Valley Plumbing has ALWAYS been there! We were able to get an appointment quickly, and the servicemen have always been on time, thorough, and so friendly. Costs were comparable or less than other companies. They also honored me with a Veterans Discount! For all your plumbing needs, do not hesitate to call them.

Norman Baillargeon
March 31, 2023

I've lived in this 180 year old house for over 24 years and have used numerous plumbers for various jobs. Some of the jobs performed were good and some not so good. Brian from Farmington Valley Plumbers was definitely worth having do repairs. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to make the needed repairs quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to contact them for any of my future plumbing needs.

Demetria Brian
March 3, 2023

We had the BEST experience with Keith at Farmington Valley Plumbing. We had quite the broken pipe in a very odd place. He is so knowledgeable, patient, and just an awesome guy to work with. The quality of his work is outstanding and we would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. He is extremely courteous and answered all of our questions and explained and assured us that everything would be taken care of! Thank you Keith!!

the gamer jones
February 18, 2023

My father owns this business he is a good and reliable plumber and I recommend his company to anyone with plumbing problems!

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